Place the first stone of the walkway on the C-17

Last Friday, March 9, the first stone of the future pedestal was placed on the C-17 that Certis will build in Ametlla del Vallès.

The Councilor for Territorial and Sustainable Sustainability, Josep Rull, the Mayor of Ametlla del Vallès, Andreu González and other members of the municipal government, as well as the representatives of the shops that will benefit from this, attended the event. municipal equipment. The walkway will join the neighborhood of Pinar and Rosanes and the Sant Jordi Shopping Center with the population of L’Ametlla.

The walkway is resolved with two metal arches of 57 meters of light that support a top platform or pedestrian walkway, which is accessed from two vertical communication centers located at the ends of the structure, with paths Stairs and elevators with enough width to fit a bicycle.