The implementation of social responsibility policies is a consequence of the firm conviction that Certis is an important part of a society that we all have to move forward in a sustainable way. Certis és part important d’una societat que entre tots hem de fer avançar de manera sostenible.

The reduction of environmental impact on construction sites, quality and prevention of occupational hazards in construction are an important part of our daily work.

The quality has always been the central axis of the company to obtain the full satisfaction of our customers, involving all the staff.

The company is absolutely committed to building safety, to which it devotes all the necessary resources.

Recycling, reducing waste, using natural resources rationally, maintaining the environment, etc. are some of the environmental commitments necessary to ensure the future of society.

To guarantee strict compliance with our commitments, we have designed an integrated management system with ISO 9001 – Qualitat,  ISO 14001 – Medi ambient y ISO 45001 – Seguretat.

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