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Certis Construction and Services specialises in a variety of public and private building works.

Consistent with our commitment to customers and the environment in which we carry out our activities as well as the health of people involved, the company management establishes quality control to be implemented, disseminated, accomplished and approved by all board members, with a view to achieving a high competitive level in the pursuit of constant improvement.

Therefore, the following principles have been considered:

  • Implement, develop and sustain an Integrated Management System based on regulations ISO 9001/2008, ISO 14001/2004 and OHSAS 18001/2007.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction, by strictly complying with all the terms and conditions, as well as all budgets duly adopted, and ensure that all levels of our organization are aware of these requirements.
  • Provide the suitable human and technical resources, along with the right application methods to guarantee the accomplishment of our undertakings.


  • Develop training programmes for all the staff and boost communication and team work. Promote active participation in implementing new processes and solving problems with a view to improving the development of all activities.
  • Ensure that our suppliers comply with the quality, environmental and occupational risks and safety measures, by demanding the same degree of commitment and business competitiveness. Therefore, suppliers will be selected based on global assessment of their organization and the products and services they offer.
  • Guarantee compliance to all laws and regulations of environmental and occupational risks and safety measures applicable to our production processes, along with the requirements that the company establishes on a voluntary basis.
  • Identify and assess health or safety risks, thereby achieving the active protection of our workers and the premises involved in company processes and operations.
  • Identify and assess environmental aspects involved in every construction work, introducing the necessary improvements to effectively protect people, premises and environment with the aim of minimising pollution and its possible consequences.
  • Develop and apply good environmental practices at all company levels. Create environmental awareness that motivates staff, suppliers and customers.
  • Establish annual management effectiveness and efficiency indicators and set goals towards constant improvement. Furthermore, based on the assessment and analysis of indicators, action-oriented decisions will be made to contribute to strategic planning.

To reach these objectives, we are committed to upholding long-term actions with a view to constant improvement. These actions, built upon trust between all parties involved, will ensure that construction works reach maximum quality, guarantee environmental protection and offer optimum occupational risk prevention. Consequently, Certis can achieve an effective and efficient management system to promote a greater future to our society.